The most perfect re-production of ABBA you will ever see

   LYNELLE LEIGHTON proudly presents the hauntingly memorable vocals of Agnetha Falkstog, and is the creator of ABBALIVE.


    Studying classical piano at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Lynelle moved to professional vocal and keyboard work in television and radio, as well as charming thousands with her live performances. Lynelle has worked with some of Australia's top artists including Wickety Wak, Glen Shorrock, John Farnham, Chad Morgan, Lucky Starr and many more.


    Anyone can hum along to an ABBA song, but to reproduce the unmistakable sound of the music and Agnetha's voice the way Lynelle does is something not to be missed. You will be amazed at the likeness in songs such as SOS, Gimme Gimme Gimme, Chiquitita, and especially her signature song, The Winner Takes It All.


    Being a passionate ABBA fan from the age of seven, Lynelle is a superb performer worthy of bringing alive the music of this incredible pop group. She is also responsible for the amazing authenticity of this brilliant production, including each note, hamony, dance move, mannerism, and costume replication.


   JOHN MITCHELL was brought up listening to the classic pop and disco sounds of the 70's and still cherishes this era of music as his favourite. While his other childhood friends were singing lullabies and nursery rhymes, he was humming tunes by acts such as Gloria Gaynor, Village People, Boney M, Earth Wind and Fire, and of course ABBA.


   John has performed as a guitarist/vocalist with a huge range of acts and is renouned for his guitar artistry that stems from deep roots in jazz, blues and country styles. He has worked extensively in duos, bands, and shows internationally throughout South Africa, Canada, Zimbabwe and Singapore. 


   However John could not ignore his love for the complex and beautiful music of ABBA and soon after he returned to Brisbane he immediately formed a close bond with the ABBALIVE team. They soon realised he would be perfect for the role of Bjorn with his boyish good looks, outstanding vocal talent and impeccable guitar skills. His dry and witty humour brings something new to each show and his rapport with Dane Leeson (Benny) often leaves the rest of the band speechless on stage. After 5 years of working with ABBALIVE John's rendition of Does Your Mother Know is still hailed as one of the highlights of the show!

   DANE LEESON commenced his musical studies when he was just 4 years of age, developing outstanding skills through the Kodaly method and going on to begin piano lessons at the age of 6.  Through his musical journey Dane has not only explored the extent of his talent through a range of instruments including voice, drums, guitar and saxophone; but has also studied drama, music theatre and “Dancesport” throughout his schooling years where he achieved success at all levels in competition and examinations.


After commencing tertiary education in the science faculty, Dane’s cultural dexterity began to return to the forefront where he has worked as a drummer, accompanist, actor, choreographer, vocalist, and even was a member of Australian Hand Bell Team.  Upon studying a Bachelor of Music in piano performance at the Queensland University of Technology Dane also began working professionally in music education at a number of Brisbane schools, Dance Academy’s and with the Vocal Maneuvers Academy developing skills in choral direction, vocal training and development, artistic and professional development and event production.


Dane has had the opportunity to work with a variety of Australian artists such as Lee Kernaghan, James Morrison, Ricki-lee Coulter and Stan Walker, and has performed extensively throughout Australia as well as in the famed Esplanade Concert Hall in Singapore.

Although Dane has shifted from the music realm to work in Sports Marketing and Finance, the opportunity to be part of ABBALIVE has allowed him to continue with his passion for music and entertainment.  Dane plays the role of Benny Andersson in ABBALIVE for a reason and enjoys every opportunity to share the wonderful music with any ABBA-lover who dares to cross his path! You won’t be able to help yourself chant “Benny, Benny, Benny!!!” alongside the rest of his adoring fans!


 MICHELLE SMITH is an accomplished vocalist and musician who never fails to win the heart of any audience. Michelle studied flute, voice and classical piano from the age of 9, and at the age of 11 landed her first professional role in the prestigious Opera Australia’s captivating production of ‘Carmen’. Producing two chamber groups ‘La Capella Singers’ and ‘The Camerata Singers’ respectively, her career in the Australian music industry was set. She went on to participate in a number of duos and bands within the SEQ circuit, and continues to do so today.

Michelle has fond memories of listening to the music of ABBA during her childhood, and now plays the role of Annifrid Lyngstad. With over 18 years experience of live performance, Michelle has a natural poise and professionalism on stage that brings the true character of Frida to life. Audiences are captivated by her vocal depth and maturity that reflects the rich tone and vibrato of the alto vocal parts. Michelle’s perfectionism and attention to detail leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the replication of the sound and mannerisms of this sensational and legendary Diva.




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