2019 celebrates the 40th anniversary of when ABBA toured Canada and then presented their infamous show at Wembley Stadium!!!! ABBA were once again stunned at the adoring reception of their worldwide fanbase, and the ABBA mania was set to carry into the new decade ahead.

The greatest pop group of all time continues to live on stage with Australia’s leading ABBA production, ABBALIVE.  Relive the brilliant harmonies, the unforgettable moves, the timeless music, and the fabulous costumes. This is the most breathtaking authentic ABBA show that will leave you screaming for more!!

ABBALIVE have stood the test of time and are still Australia’s number 1 ABBA production. And why? Because their constant dedication to presenting the authentic live ABBA experience as perfectly as possible continues to set the precedent for ABBA shows all over the globe.

Don’t miss ABBALIVE – as close as it gets to the real thing!!