“You have truly put together a fantastic show. ABBA themselves would be very proud of what you are doing in their honour.”
EMI Representative, EMI Records, Sweden

“My dear members of “ABBALIVE”……I have no words, to show my big joy and happiness about your fantastic material you have sent me for the ABBA CLUBBING WEEKEND in Vienna that weekend! I thank you and your friends so deeply from heart for all your kind support and I have listened to your CD and it is BRILLIANT!!!!!!! I have never ever heard before such well done cover versions of ABBA songs and you can believe me….I am an ABBA expert! Dear Lynelle, I am so very sure, that these items will be very beloved by the different winners of the ABBA competition that weekend. We can’t wait for you to come to Vienna…..you are so BRILLIANT and so very very good!”
Bernd Scheiber – ABBA News Service, Vienna

We couldn’t have asked for a better show or nicer people to work with.  You have made our weekend absolutely perfect. Everyone in the show is so easy-going and totally professional!
Managing Director, Lenovo Converence, Seminyak, Bali

“I have never seen an audience respond to a show the way they did to ABBALIVE. To receive a standing ovation at the Mackay Entertainment Centre is really amazing.”
Thelma – Staff member, Mackay Entertainment Centre, QLD

If I didn’t know this was Abbalive, I would swear that was ABBA performing “When I Kissed The Teacher”. Have you worked some gigs here in the United States? Because there are a lot of ABBA fans who would enjoy seeing you live in concert. My suggestion to the booking agents get off your dead ends and book Abbalive immediately!
Thomas Tarwater, USA

“I wanted to pass on my sincere gratitude to you, ABBALIVE.  They were “abbasolutely wonderful” and we have never had so many people up on the dance floor.  At the end of the night they were happy to have photos taken with our guests and even our State Secretary, Chris Gazenbeek.  Many of our guests took the opportunity to dress up in ‘70s gear and the place looked amazing.”
Glenda Timms, SDA Corporate Event, RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane

“Thank you for a brilliant show on Friday night. The turnout was excellent and there was plenty of positive feedback which is a credit to you and the band. Thanks again for a great presentation.”
Nick Wilkes, Twin Towns Services Club, Gold Coast

ABBALIVE get more crowd interaction than any show we’ve ever had here!
Production Crew, Redcliffe Entertainment Centre, QLD